Monday, 20 May 2013


Yoga is for union of human with what is his reality. The users of yoga do meditation and try to get united with their real self. When that phenomenon happens, then the human becomes free and the life means more than just a hectic routine that you must carry out. Things change completely, and a new meaning is added to everything. 

You get to enjoy the joys and happiness, and you feel blessed. The ultimate goal and the basic principle of yoga lie in “I, Me and Mine”. Once you understand this simple thing, it becomes easier to set a goal for yourself. This helps you get on the other side of yourself. The side that is yours but of which you are not aware of is what yoga makes you aware of. This yoga allows you to get rid of the tensions and the worries that mean nothing to you.

Yoga allows you to listen to yourself, the motives that you have set in your mind but of which you are never aware of. You get to listen to what is really important and all other voices become unnecessary. There are different physical aspects of yoga and there are different exercises that integrate you with yourself.

Saturday, 18 May 2013

What is the CranioSacral Therapy meant for?

There are a number of workable therapies that can heal all kinds of disorders in the human body, including physical and emotional disturbance and then enhance the performance of the person. Being stressed out is the part of the normal routine but apart from this, there are certain injuries that destroy peace and don’t let us live. They may not just be emotional ones they can be spiritual and physical ones too.

CranioSacral Therapy is the best treatment to relax the body.  This therapy is effective in treating anxiety, back pain, headaches, insomnia, and problems with the digestive system, traumatic stresses and other symptoms that can make life dull and miserable. 

The CranioSacral Therapy is meant for people of all ages. It can even suit the newborns.  The patient has to be covered with cloth during the treatment.  The self-healing mechanism of the body is enhanced and triggered through this therapy. 

The role of the therapist is really important in the CranioSacral Therapy because once he is able to understand the psyche of the patient; he will begin with the most effective technique to bring inner peace.  The art of listening is also significant throughout the treatment. The cerebral spinal fluid is balanced out to cushion and heal the wounds within an individual.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

The powerful Theta Healing treatment

If you are looking for a way to empower your life, then the Theta Healing treatment is meant to serve the purpose. It is a simple yet powerful technique that involves getting how the subconscious belief systems of an individual can stop him from reaching his potentials.

This healing helps in broadening the mind. It lets a person change the beliefs for him as well as others. All the negative emotions and traumas like reject, anger, guilt and dislikes are dissolved and the mind is revitalized. 

Theta is a term itself.  It was a name given by the scientists to the brainwave that is achieved by the body through medication. It is a state where an individual is free to change his negative beliefs and feelings and re-create everything in his life.  He can then become the person who he always wanted to be.  Many people are in need of the Theta Healing treatment because no matter how positive you are, negative feelings come over the positive ones at some stage of life. 

Consciousness of an individual is basically targeted to bring the brain into the stage of deep relaxation and heal all the feelings that halt success and wellbeing. An individual is given a chance to start a new life.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The Importance of Raw Food Diet

Light food that is full of energy is the utmost requirement of the human body. Raw food falls into the category of such foods.  Green leafy vegetables are an important part of the raw food diet.  It contains large amount of chlorophyll which helps in detoxifying the whole body. The blood is also detoxified which starts delivering oxygen to each cell through the capillaries. 

Rawfood improves as well as nourishes the body from the inside.  Cooked food does not strengthen the body like raw food.  It slows down the working of the immune system which further does not keep the mind and body of a human being as healthy as it should be.  
 The cooked food and the chemical based supplements we take dissolve the strength of our body.  Even the toxins we absorb through skin make the immune system weak.  When we come across infections or diseases, our immune system always fails to support us as it does not have the necessary defensive strength. 

Our body needs strength and that comes with eating healthy food. Raw foods can rejuvenate the body and make it stronger.  Organic and natural foods are the requirement of a human being. The more you eat them, the better you will feel!

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

A Great Product: Detox In Thailand

We all know the old phrase, you are what you eat, you are also what you encounter through your experiences. Your body encounters millions of contaminants every day, whether it is in the food you eat, in the air you breathe, or just through the things that you touch, the human body was not created to be continually fighting against so many foreign agents. After time, if you do nothing to rid your body of all the toxins it accumulates, it will begin to build those toxins up in your system, and will being to experience excessive wear and tear.

The body was designed to work perfectly without the presence of illnesses or disease. They were not part of the original design. Disease, or illness, comes about by the bodies ineffective way of dealing with all the foreign toxins around it. The way to return your body to health is through cleansing your system. Although there are many products on the market to help to cleanse the body, they cannot possibly return your body to the natural function that it was meant for. The only way to restart your immune system, and return your body to health, is through taking the time to Detox in Thailand. At the Orion Healing Center your body will find the peace that it craves.

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